Every class I teach is my favorite.

In our collective preparation for the coming semester, I’ve been talking a lot about what we did in CHE 131 last spring. After these conversations with my colleagues, I’ve been a little disappointed not to be teaching general chemistry this fall. (Well, just the lab.)  I’ll miss all of the clicker questions and the discussion of the early experiments and the fun that we have in those courses.  I’ll miss having first year students, so fresh and impressionable.

But then again, I know that come January, I’ll miss teaching inorganic. I’ll miss teaching those senior students how to think like chemists. I’ll miss the great slate of lab experiments we get to do. I’ve really been enjoying reading Symmetry and Spectroscopy by Harris and Bertolucci so that I can be better at explaining symmetry, and I’ll miss that when this year’s class is over.  And each February, I’ve always been sad that we don’t teach first-year studies every semester and that I don’t get to obsess about hydroelectricity any more.  I’m sad at the end of the spring that classes are over and then at the end of the summer when my research students go home.

I suppose it is not all bad that I enjoy whatever I’m in at the moment. I need to keep my perspective balanced between past, present, and future, because most of it is good!

Take comfort that if you’re in my class, you’re also in my favorite class.